Getting Ready For A New Adventure ETMOOC Educational Technology Massive Open Online Course

I am a life long learner and willing to take risks and here I am signing up for #etmooc. The tweet by @courosa from @fryed on What is #ETMOOC and why should you join us is what finally convinced me to… just do it!!!

In one of my @haikudecks I said I would DO MORE in 2013 and here I am. Stepping out of my box and doing more.

A little nervous yes, but at least I am NOT going to be graded, I can just learn!! Yahoo!!! I love learning without being graded. I have had enough of that.

So in the next few months, I look forward to learning just for the sake of learning.

It is Alec Couros who inspired me to become interested in technology as much as I have and I am grateful. So thanks Alec.

Here I am as the title of my god daughter @SarahDevaeau ‘s book says, ” Sink or Swim “. I think I’ll swim!

There are now over 1200 participants registered representing 67 countries – take a look! (Apologies that not all participants seem to show up on the map). Holy!!!!


Here Alec is motivating me again … So my journey begins…

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