Making the Connection … School Counselling ETMOOC

Over the past few years I have dabbled with technology, but I would not say I had a passion for it. With the amount of hours I am spending on my laptop, IPAD and I Phone, paying attention to ETMOOC, I am definitely headed in that direction. It all started with Alec Couros getting me going on twitter.

However, my real passion is School Counselling. I absolutely love what I do and I now feel technology can assist school counsellors like nothing else has. I believe Dr. Erin Mason @ecmason is an inspiration when it comes to this area.

Her dedication to this area is one of the things that has led me to even be interested in something like #ETMOOC. The SCOPE Blog: is taking an in depth look at tech tools for the School Counseling profession and I believe after ETMOOC I can add a few more tools to that kit. SCOPE is School Counselor Online Professional Exchange for those of you in this field.

This process of connecting the two areas that I feel passionate about is where I believe I am headed. That will be my goal. This will be my focus. Melding these two things I am passionate about to make the difference in the lives of students.

I am in the infancy stages of really making this happen and I will be looking to others who are way more experienced than me to assist me on my journey.

I get easily frustrated when technology seems complex. I have many lessons to learn and #ETMOOC is pushing me to reach further. Exciting, yet scary all at the same time.

Reflecting on this experience, I am hopeful I will move me forward in a new direction. Exactly what that new direction will be I am not sure. That’s the scary and exciting part that can bring about some anxiety. Something I am sure students in our self- directed school community experience, but is relatively new to me.

Making my learning more visible, makes me reflect and see more clearly which is virtually impossible seeing as I have kerataconus. However, seeing more clearly happens in the mind and how joyous is that.

I do look forward to new discoveries and connections. What will I learn next? It’s all up to me. That is what ETMOOC is all about.

“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us” Joseph Campbell

I will wait patiently to see what is in store for me.


3 thoughts on “Making the Connection … School Counselling ETMOOC

    1. Thanks Glenn: You certainly are encouraging and I appreciate what you have said. This is certainly a scary process and I know I need to reflect and put into practice what I say I am going to do.

      Sounds easy, but I know it is not!

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