I Am Responsible … #ETMOOC

I am responsible for what I learn in #Etmooc. A video post from Benjamin Wilkoff inspired this blog.

Yes, ETMOOC and the amount of information we are presented with is overwhelming, but I LOVE that:


  • I have choice in setting my learning goals
  • I have learned how to curate the information I am interested in using tools like pinterest or rebelmouse or many others
  • I get to take the road I want to travel on in this journey
  • I get to share what I want, when I want
  • I am learning to focus and filter
  • I get to collaborate with those of my choosing
  • I am choosing to learn from so many people, but filter what it is that I learn

I am so grateful for ALL the wise people who contribute to #ETMOOC, so that I can choose what works best for me.

I think ETMOOC is like being at an amazing banquet with a glorious feast presented in front of me. I get to choose what in that feast will be healthy for me. Yes, it is difficult to choose and there will be frustration in the choosing, and I might even want to avoid some banquets, but in the end I ultimately choose what is best for me and me alone.

By choosing what will work best for me. I know that choice can and will affect other people. By taking care of what it is I need, I can affect others in a positive way.

Check out:

Thanks Ben for making me reflect in more ways than one.

Go to: http://www.haikudeck.com/p/9RSM928Doj/choice

2 thoughts on “I Am Responsible … #ETMOOC

  1. I love that you have made this about choice. I love that you have used the words “get to” instead of “have to”. It is a privilege to learn in open and connected ways, and you are treating it as such. This strikes me as a “learners oath” of some kind. It is definitely in need of continued conversation. Thank you for pushing the thinking, and I love your Haiku Deck.

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