Administrators and Counsellors Partnering in Educational Leadership … Idea Inspired by ETMOOC

Image I never underestimate the importance of the administration in any school, but an administrator who is showing digital leadership today is so important. George Couros models this extremely well.

In one of my first twitter chats the topic I chose to engage in was the Principal and School Counsellor Relationship.

Administration seeing counsellors as part of the leadership team is so important to me and I have been very fortunate to have leaders who absolutely view their school counsellors this way.  One of the main ideas I got from that chat was the possibility of the principal and counsellor presenting together, which I really liked.  I have presented many times in many ways to both counsellors, teachers and administrators, but never in all my years have I presented with my administrator. We have worked together, collaborated together, thought of ideas together, but never presented together.

After listening to George’s presentation on Becoming a Networked Educational Leader and linking the #scchat and his presentation together another idea has come to me. What a great idea it would be for an administrator  and counsellor to do a collaborative blog together. In fact that will be my goal this year before this course is over to do a collaborative blog with one of our administrative team members. I know how open and supportive they are so I look forward to writing a great blog with one of them. As a matter of fact this really inspires me in ways I had not thought of before.

So today I asked our VP if he would be interested in collaborating on a blog with me and he said YES. So stay tuned for our future blog… not sure what topic will be yet, but it doesn’t matter . This will be a first for both of us. To me this is educational leadership at its finest!

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