How is Learning Like Lacrosse?

This process of learning has and always will be fun for me, but there is something different about this ETMOOC?Image

How is it like lacrosse for me?

  • I am passionate about both
  • At 54, I am still in the game
  • The game is not about winning for me
  • It’s about loving what I am doing
  • It is about making connections
  • It’s about learning from young people
  • It’s about feeling I have something to contribute
  • It’s about facing fears
  • It’s about feeling excited about what I am doing
  • It’s about questioning whether I really should be doing this
  • It’s about recognizing the value of continuing to do this
  • It’s about modeling for my own children to not quit and finding things in life that continue to bring me joy
  • It’s about making mistakes and learning to laugh at myself
  • It’s about trying new things

It’s about letting loose, like in a lip dub or trying an old move like I used to when I was a young lacrosse player and realizing that I can still do it!

Do the comments people make on a blog or in lacrosse really matter?  Yes, and no. I have to admit I loved it when the past captain of the Calgary Roughnecks, Tracey Kelusky told me I had “golden hands”. I was thrilled. It was an ego boost, especially for someone my age. I can’t run for beans, but I have golden hands (that was few years ago he said that, but it still brings me some joy.) When Andrew McBride, the present captain would ask me to show the much younger ladies how to shoot or pass, yes inside, I beamed with pride.

Or when someone encourages me by commenting on my post, I also have to admit I like that. However, I also recognize that few people may even read or will comment on my posts or might even say non-encouraging comments at some point, but that does not discourage me. I am doing this for me, nobody else. It is about me being reflective, and what I can learn.

I continue to learn as an adult. A few years ago, I took guitar lessons and my teacher told me  “I was his most dedicated student who learned so little.”

This is not something I would recommend any teacher say. Did it devastate me? NO, I can actually laugh at that comment as an adult . However, I still have not learned to play guitar. Will I? Yes. Will I do it in a visible way? NO, not like some of my colleagues in ETMOOC , but I will not give up. I will play guitar some day.

However, learning the guitar is not a passion for me like lacrosse or all of the things I am learning about in ETMOOC. I will learn a lot from many of the things and a little from some things. I can take what I like and leave the rest. It is up to me.

For now, the best thing so far about learning is making the connections to my own life as well as making connections in the virtual world that lead to connections in the real world.

I love learning and I love learning the ETMOOC way.Yes indeed, learning and lacrosse they do go together perfectly! I can’t wait for the next ETMOOC lesson and I can’t wait for lacrosse season to start.

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