Using Voicethread. A Digital Storytelling Tool.

As part of etmooc we are encouraged to use a variety of Storytelling tools. I had known about voicethread  for awhile now, but this is the first time I actually used it to tell a story. I believe it will be a fantastic way to share what I want to in school counselling. It wil be a great tool to embed in our learning guides in a self- directed high school.

I bought SNOWBALL (the white mic in the picture) which is a great tool if you are doing any voice productions. I like how clear my voice turned out.


A work in progress . My voicethread …

never give up snip it

Go to : Never Give Up to see my voicethread. I am working on making it better . I definitely need to work on the timing of my voice.

I love how you can add links to the thread , so I added one of my livebinders on depression in the first thread. I can also see how I could add this link to one of our learning guides so that students could have access to the information. Beacause you can integrate with (D2L) Desire to Learn, this will make it easy for us to use in our school.

School Counsellors in the US have been using this resource and I can see why.  See the SCOPE article It will definately work as a psychoeducational tool that we can use in Student Services  for various topics that relate to school counselling. I look forward to utilizing this tool more often.

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