Learning Through Openspokes


As part of a continual learning journey post ETMOOC, I am begiinning the process of vlogging.

This weeks topic is how do I learn best and as I refelct on what the other vloggers in the fellowship of the openspokes have said as well as reflecting on my own video, I realize at different points in my life my answer would have been different. For now the vlog below expresses a few thoughts on some of the ways i learn best today. However, I recognize that this may change for me depending on what , why and how I need to learn.

There is no doubt in my mind that one of the best ways to learn is to continue to be a learner. My brain seems like it is on overload these days as I continue to learn in a variety of ways.

I certainly hope I continue to  model life long learning and that it is OK to make mistakes. It took me several mistakes in attempting to upload my video to youtube, but now that it is there I have learned and written down what to do next time, so that I learn from this frustrating experience.

I am sure next time will be easier and I will be happy with myself that I persisted so that I could figure it all out!


Click on the link below to view my Haiku Deck that summarizes many of the ways my fellowship of the Openspokes learns.

Click here: http://www.haikudeck.com/p/4xavgfDse3/learning

Go to the fellowship of Open Spokes on YOUTUBE

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