School Counsellors Connecting With Each Other


At first when I heard about twitter I thought oh no one more thing to do and learn so why bother. I really thought I am too old to learn to use this, so what would be the point. Then everything changed. I went to a workshop by Alec Couros and was about to embark on a professional journey that would change how I connected to school counsellors and educators from around the world. Twitter and the professional network I have developed has ultimately impacted the way I practice as a school counsellor in a positive way.

As a school counsellor little did I know that opening a twitter account two years ago was one of the best ways I could develop professionally and connect with educators and school counsellors who are passionate about what they do.


What is twitter you might ask and why is it so helpful?

Twitter was founded in 2006. It is an online social networking platform that allows us to send and receive messages (140 characters). Within the body of the messages are often links to great resources or blogs or ideas that are just plain helpful. You can follow other educators and people who are associated with the ideas that are the most helpful to you. It is an extremely helpful tool that has impacted my professional life in a positive way linking me to educators who are creative, connected and willing to share ideas and resources. My PLN (personal learning network) helps me to learn almost daily. Today I need to thank @SISQITMAN for teaching me how to use word press in a more effective way. I met Glenn in ETMOOC which I found out about on twitter through @courosa which has been a gift to me as an educator. ALL the people in ETMOOC are always willing to help me as I am new to all this technology, but a most willing learner. Twitter leads to so many positive connections.

What I love about twitter:

  1. Amazing PD tool
  2. A fantastic way to connect with school counsellors and educators from all over the world
  3. A fast easy way to get access to great resources in mental health, psychology , education and school counselling
  4. Easy access to up to date resources in the field of education
  5. A great way to collaborate, connect and curate information
  6. Sharing leads to positive relationships that assist us to grow as school counsellors ( what you give , share on twitter comes back tenfold)

How can I learn more about twitter and how to use it?

  1. Ask your colleagues who are on twitter to help. Hands on lessons are the best.
  2. Go to a workshop on how to use twitter
  3. Sign up for  twitter and play and learn
  4. If you know how to use livebinders there are great resources here: Twitter … Helpful Ideas for School Counsellors
  5. Go to The Complete Manual for Understanding Twitter and learn more.

Who to follow on twitter in the School Counselling Field:

  • @SSpellmanCann            Canada
  • @Michelle0102197          Canada
  • @BoskerttheSC                  Canada
  • @TrentLangdonNL           Canada
  • @EHordyskiLuong            Japan
  • @ecmmason                        US
  • @sch_counselor                 US
  • @rsabella                              US
  • @juliataylor                          US
  • @pmsscounselor                 US
  • @Brian_Zink                  Mexico
  • @kadriblaster                Australia
  • @Teaching_Intl               China

People who resourceful and share great information:

  • @courosa
  • @gcouros
  • @rljessen
  • @karensharon
  • @grammasheri
  • @nobelknits2
  • @verenanz
  • @clhendricksbc
  • @AlisonSemen
  • @folynick
  • @JeffMerrell
  • @bhwilkoff
  • @dendari
  • @mrsdkrebs
  • @gallit_z@v_lees
  • @onewheeljoe
  • @LaEducationista
  • @mbritt

Resources to follow:

  • @haikudeck
  • @scopeistech4scs
  • @psychcentral
  • @LiveBinders
  • @SCResourceCtr
  • @tellagami
  • @heretohelpbc
  • @mindcheck_ca
  • @AnxietyBC
  • @cspyyc
  • @pinterest

Hashtags to follow:

  • #cscchat              Canadian School Counsellor Chat
  • #scchat                School Counselor Chat
  • #edchat               Ed Chat
  • #cdnedchat         Canadian Educators Chat

Once you start tweeting you will love it. Those of us that have stayed with it and learned how to use it effectively absolutely love the benefits to our professional development.   Digital literacy is becoming a required skill that school counselors will benefit from . Who knows where it might lead? You’ll be a techie before you know it.  I would have never dreamed two years ago that I would be blogging, vlogging, sharing in Google hangouts or that I would be part of networks and Google communities that encourage and support each other.

Thanks to Alec Couros @courosa and everyone in ETMOOC who has helped me. I believe I am a better school counsellor with so many more resources than I ever could have dreamed of.

A big thanks also to Erin Mason @ecmmason I am connected in several ways to other school counselors who are always willing to help and point me in the right direction to resources.

Thanks to @HaikuDeck who have allowed me to share with other school counsellors, educators, and a diverse group of connected learners from around the globe who have assisted in making me better at what I do.

Connect with School Counsellors on twitter

Connect with School Counselors on Google plus Communities

Connect with school Counsellors on twitter chats

There is so much for us to learn together. I look forward continuing the journey.


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