An International Chat for School Counsellors #SCCrowd


What is #SCCrowd?

SCCrowd is School Counsellors wanting to help each other and learn from those who are not school counsellors.  It is also for educators from around the world who want to collaborate with other school counsellors  to make a difference in the lives of students. That is what #SCCrowd is really all about. Ross Wolfson @rawolfson, a High School Counsellor  created the hashtag and idea for #SCCrowd. He wanted to find a way for school counsellors to learn from and with each other.

There were already several great chats on twitter for school counsellors , but Ross wanted one that was just a little different . Hence the idea for #SCCrowd

The inaugural chat was held for #SCCrowd on November the 19th.

We held the first Q&A Day on #SCCrowd and were very pleased with the great turnout! Check out the transcript  of the chat . After the first chat Ross and I were planning for the second chat so we collaborated to discuss ideas for a haiku deck and what we wanted people to know about #SCCrowd and this is the  SCCrowd Haiku Deck  that was created. Now on to Chat #2

Time for Q&A Day 2.0!

Here’s an explanation of how it works:      Are you a school counselor from around the world ? Then we want to share with you.

School counselors, school counseling interns, and aspiring school counselors…

Do you ever ask yourself, “What resources could help me with my initiative?” or, “How would someone else have handled that situation?” or even, “Is there anyone else dealing with the same challenge that I am?”

School counseling and other educational professionals…

Do you have knowledge that can help school counselors? Do you know of great resources or have inspirational experiences to share?

Then please Join us for Q&A Day on #SCCrowd on Tuesday, December 17th!

Using the hashtag #SCCrowd, ask a question that is inspired by something from your day (or anything else that might be on your mind). When you leave work for the day, check out #SCCrowd and see if you have an answer or follow-up to someone’s question.

Then from 6:30-7:30 MST and 8:30-9:30 PM EST Tuesday night, join for a live chat on #SCCrowd to help answer questions that haven’t been addressed yet.

Get answers to your questions and help others out there in the School Counselor Crowd! Ask a question, share and answer, join the chat. Anyway you participate can help you grow your PLN!

Q&A Day on #SCCrowd – All day on Tuesday, December 17th

Sponsored by School Counselor Crowdsourcing – @SCCrowd

Live Chat on #SCCrowd 8:30-9:30 PM EST, moderated by @rawolfson & @SSpellmanCann

Again we were pleased with the turnout for the second #SCCrowd  on December the 17th. Here is transcript 2 .

We really hope more school counsellors and educators from across the world will join us. This is a way we can collaborate with you and who knows what impact this will have on our professional development and most importantly the positive impact it will have on our students. Looking forward to seeing you in the CROWD #SCCrowd that is.

FYI:  If you notice we interchangeably use counsellor with 2 LL ’s and counselor with one L , here is why :

Canadian spelling 2 LL’s

American spelling 1L



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