Please Help Me …


“Please Help Me”
Please come into my life –
but don’t try to take over.
Please help me think-
but don’t try to think for me.
Please help me to find a better way –
but don’t expect me to do it your way.
Please help me – even if I’m wrong
Help me to stand again –
but don’t carry me.
Please help me to move forward again
even if we move forward in different directions.
And – last of all –
If you can’t help me to be what I want to be,
then please don’t hurt me by trying to make me
what you expect me to be.
~ Bud Hadfield

Bud Hadfield  was the founder of the multimillion-dollar Kwik Kopy printing. He  failed at nine business ventures before he found success at his first printing shop.

As a School Counsellor I think this is a powerful message that we all need to heed when it comes to the young people we serve.

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