It’s A New Day


A month away from school and the realization has set in that I won’t be going back. I see all the posts from my fellow school counsellors ( most in the US who are starting already) and I so hope you have a phenomenal year. Know that you are about to make a difference this year, one that you may not get to realize until many years later. It is so great when students come back to tell you two or thirty plus years later what a difference you’ve made or those students who take the time to write a beautiful note. i treasure mine. Keep yours in a space you know you can go back to. They are a  great reminder  of why you chose this amazing profession.

My goals in this new chapter are many. It’s a new day to make a difference in a new way. You can read more here about why I want to keep my blog going. I will continue to co-moderate and keep #scchat going along with Erin Mason @ecmmason and Erin Hordyski Luong @ehordyskiluong. So if you are looking for a great school counsellor chat . Join us most third Wednesday’s of each month. The first one for September will be Monday, September 11th at 6:30 MT 8:30 ET co moderated by Dr. Susan Fuller. Topic to be decided. Check out #scchat in September for more information. Most chats  after that will be on the first Wed.

It is a new day!  School Counsellors across the world , I am wishing that you have the best school year ever! Be kind to yourself and go out there and make a difference.

A gigantic thank you to those who have decided to help out with our chats. If I have missed anyone please DM me and I will add you.

  1. Erin Mason @ecmmmason                                  Atlanta, Georgia
  2. Erin Hordyski Luong @ehordyskiluong              Calgary, Alberta
  3. Laura Ross @LRossSchCnslr                                Georgia
  4. Susan Fuller @EElementarySC                             Pennsylvania
  5. Mrs. Powers @counselorpowers                        Vienna, VA
  6. Tonya Romine @trominetonya                            Northwest ISD
  7. Terri Tchorzynski @ttchorzynski                          Battle Creek ,MI
  8. Wendy Rock @Wendarooski                              Metairie, LA
  9. Alexa Hanna @SCE_counselors                          Missouri
  10. Counselor Carey @LangeCounselor                   Columbia, MO
  11. Angela Avery @Mrs.AveryBMS                            Biddeford, Maine
  12. Joanne Brisebois @BriseboisJoanne                    Calgary, Alberta
  13. Bridget Helms @bridgethelms                             Northwest, Indiana
  14. Susan Spellman Cann @sspellmancann             Calgary, Alberta

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