A-Z Dealing with Stress


A: Attitude: Your attitude matters.

  • Be as happy as you can. Get up each day and start your day with a positive attitude. Allow yourself extra time to get up in the morning and get to places. Being 15 to 20 minutes early can reduce your stress level.
  • Allow 10-15 minutes a day for YOU time. Time to wind down, time to reflect, time to let go of your worries.
  • Be a person who can say NO and not feel guilty. It is OK to say no to things that are not healthy and things you really don’t want to do.

B: Books :

  • Find a book on the topic you are trying to cope with can be helpful. Beliefs challenge your thoughts about the topic: Be positive! Books  can be healing! One of my all time favorite books is Mans Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl.
  • Be a person who knows how to wait, read a book online or have a book with you that you can devour while you have to wait somewhere. It not only makes the time go faster , but it is a wonderful way to pass the time.

C: Caring and compassion make a difference:

  • Care about others. Helping others helps you to focus on others not on your stress. Do one thing today to help someone else.
  • Care about yourself. Write a positive message to yourself on a mirror with an erasable marker. Write a positive note to yourself on a card and carry it around in your wallet.

D: Decide:

  • Trust the process.  Change is not easy , but possible. Be easy on yourself. Decide not to let stress get the best of you.
  •  Make your life better. If you decide to reach it may change your life. Reaching out is a strength not a weakness.

E: Express your feelings:

  •  Feelings are neither right nor wrong. It’s what you do with them that matters. If you hurt yourself or someone else , then that needs to be changed. So write down your feelings. Tell someone how you feel. Draw your feelings in an art journal. Find some great ideas for art Journalling on pinterest.
  • Exercise is always helpful. You might only need to exercise 7 mins. each day. You can do it!

F: Find great strategies:

  • Find the strategies that work for you, not someone else.

G: Give yourself a break:

  • Live and let live. Take each day one day at a time.

H: Hope:

  •  It is so important to maintain a hopeful perspective.

I : Invite others to help you :

  • You may want to reach out to a counsellor, psychologist, doctor, professor or mental health professional.

J: Just be yourself:

  • There is no other you… celebrate that.

K: Kindness is always a good thing:

L: Listen to music:

  • It soothes the soul
  • Heals the mind.
  • Reduces stress

M: Mindfulness matters:

  •  Focus on your breath
  • Be present

N: Naming game :

54321 Exercise.

O: Open your mind to new strategies:

  • Can you think of ten more?
  • Ask a friend what they do to cope with stress

P: Positive self talk matters:

  • What you say and do matters
  • Talk gently and kindly to yourself… just like you would to a friend.

Q: Quite your mind:

  • Be still!
  • Breathe slowly

R: Relax:

  • Chill throughout the day reminding yourself to not sweat the small stuff and you do know it is all small stuff.

S: Strategies : the more you have the better.  Here are 99.

T: Trust:

  • that your feelings will not last forever
  • that things will get better… stress is temporary

U: Understanding your coping skills matters.

V: Visualize what you want.

W: Watch a funny show to get your mind off all the serious stuff.

X:  A to Z  list.

cropped-img_0751.jpgY: YOU MATTER . Remember who matters!

Z: A-Z another list.

I am sure you can add many more. How do you cope? 

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