Opening A Space and a Place For All In The Heart of The City

“For our family the library is more than just books it’s a source of inspiration” Ayers Family 

Today I got inspired seeing this on the window of the new Calgary Public Library. What a gift for our city and the children about to grow up in a place where libraries are spaces like never before. You don’t hear anyone saying shhh in this new building.

There are so many exciting features of this new space:

  • Library access FREE
  • Access to information and ideas like never before
  • 30 meeting rooms that you can book out anytime for FREE
  • 220 accessible computers
  • Artist, Historian and a Writer in residence
  • 190 chairs all over the building to sit in
  • 450,000 items to choose from
  • any magazine, newspaper or book you can imagine
  • large print books
  • an interfaith room for anyone who may need to pray during the day
  • 50+ lecture series
  • Resources for  career development
  • You can exhibit your art
  • Accessibility services
  • Audio Video and Post Production Studios can be booked here all for FREE and the public library is

The library also has ways to watch 10 movies each month for FREE. Check out Kanopy here.

How fabulous to see an mazing piece of art inside the library as you first walk in by the exceptional artist Kalum Dan. The library is showcasing his art in this amazing space as you walk in for all to see.

Illustrated by Kalum Teke Dan

I love this new library. How grateful am I that I live in a city where resources like this are open to people of all ages and incomes. What an amazing space that is easily accessible to all by C Train. It is definitely a space and a place that is a must visit if you come to Calgary.


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