Outdoor Spaces So Many Places

So today we took a stroll in Edworthy Park. There truly are so many different places to walk in this city. It’s great to break out and explore Calgary and get exercise too. I am loving the outdoor spaces , fresh air and the places to unwind the mind. Who knew Calgary offered so many great places to walk?

One thought on “Outdoor Spaces So Many Places

  1. Enjoyed the brief virtual walk with you in Calgary. Daily walks here in San Francisco–even with pandemic-masks fully in place–remain one of the foundational elements of my days. Although not every one of them is the sort of “awe walk” we’ve been directly or indirectly exploring through your recent posts, each one–if I remain attentive and receptive to walk is happening around me–does renew that all-important sense of awe that inspires me in nearly every I pursue. It’s really all about the small stuff, isn’t it: noticing a beautifully-constructed house we hadn’t previously noted, or seeing someone who is part of our personal landscape because we notice them each time we cross paths, or stopping long enough to look at a plant in full bloom or watch and listen to a bird that somehow moves us away from whatever ephemeral preoccupations were distracting us from being fully congnizant of the world around us. As I have said so many times recently in so many different contexts: we can–and must–do better. Together, I believe we will. And, in the meaintime, we will just keep walking.

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