Everyone Needs That Kind of Friend


Everyone needs a friend that will call and say”get dressed we are going on an adventure”

Many of us have felt stuck in our homes the last while, so I suggest get a friend and explore your own city, province, state or country if you are allowed (making sure you are following health regulations) during Covid19. I am very fortunate to have friends that I can be spontaneous with. I love deciding to see or do something new at a moments notice. A few years back a friend of mine and I had such a fabulous time . We bought new clothes, new hats, borrowed her mother’s convertible, and went on a road trip to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Oh what fun we had with such great memories to look back upon. I smile from ear to ear and remember the joy it brought us both as I think about that time. So get out there with friends and make memories. Everyone needs that kind of friend.

3 thoughts on “Everyone Needs That Kind of Friend

  1. Anne Lamott, a writer whose work I very much admire, used to talk about the kind of friend (or character in a novel) with whom you would go anywhere–even to the city dump. Feeling pretty lucky to have friends like you and so many others we know through #etmooc–the kind of people I would gladly follow into the city dump physically or virtually (Zoom trip to the city dump, anyone?) in a heartbeat. It comes down to the value of community, for me–the sort of community that lifts every one of its members up consistently and makes every one of those members willing to go anywhere, anytime, just for the pleasure of being with others from that community.

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