Play … Wherever You Are

It’s a dreary day in the Maritimes today, but I decided to paint,play and post.

Design by @sspellmancann

I love everything about the maritimes , so I am often inspired to design maritime swag. Today I played painted and created new designs. I hope you are inspired to create and play too. It’s ok to play even as an adult. Now that I am retired I get to play in so many ways. It’s the kind of freedom I love having,

I am working on finishing a book called Nova Scotia Hugs in which all paintings /pics will be done by me. I’ve always wanted to do this ,but was never able to do all the painting until now.

So go ahead and play away. I think I’ll have a summer of doing just that.

3 thoughts on “Play … Wherever You Are

  1. Looking forward to seeing your book; sounds wonderful. And as for creative play: just “returned” from a week-long virtual summer camp for dreamer-driver-doers helping shape learning in the digital age. It was a week full of innovative, thought-provoking interactions with fabulous colleagues from all over the world, and “arts and crafting learning” was theme that was very much consistently present throughout the conference. Among the activities was an opportunity to create pages in an online camp scrapbook, and we left camp yesterday with an invitation to create and share virtual postcards home–a challenge I very much enjoyed as I completed it and tweeted out the result:

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