My Positivity Bubble

Photo by Matthew Fournier on Unsplash

It isn’t easy to let go of all the noise around us , noise from the news, from Twitter , Facebook or just the noise of negativity that can surround us if we let it. I choose to stay in my positivity bubble as often as I can . It’s my safe place where I drown out the noise. For me it works. I like my positivity bubble . What about you?

2 thoughts on “My Positivity Bubble

  1. Although I sense that my possibility bubble has developed a slow leak these days, it still feels somewhat intact. When I do sense air fleeing out of it, I tend to walk away from social media and other platforms for online antagonism and immerse myself in a good book, a nice conversation with family/friends/colleagues, or take one of those Awe Walks we’ve been mentioning back and forth here on your blog. Any of those alternatives seems to repump the bubble and set me up nicely for another round of dreaming-driving-doing-writing. Thanks for these daily posts which are keeping the bubble afloat.

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