They Don’t Come Any Better

Today is my mother in laws 91st birthday and I could not imagine having a better mother in law than her.

She is the kind of woman I wish to be when I grow up. So loving with a positive attitude and a heart as big as you can imagine. Throughout the years she has treated me with love and a whole lot of respect and kindness.

Being an educator when I would come home in the summers she would always give me a break, looking after our children’s every need . Reading to them, baking with them , playing games with them and loving them so fully. Every Christmas she would mail us a baking package, a box so full of Christmas yummies that I did not have to bake for months.

I have never ever seen my mother in law in a bad mood, ever. She brightens up the days of everyone who surrounds her. I love that when someone has a birthday she calls them and plays happy birthday on the violin. I can’t imagine a better grandmother for our children. They absolutely adore her. She has given them so much love and attention over the years ,she will be in their hearts forever. I am so grateful for all she is and all she has given to me over the years.

There are so many ways my mother in law has given to others. The list is a long, long one for sure. At 91 she is still spry, mobile , happy and positive. Truly they don’t come any better.

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