Trying New Things Lobster Cobb Salad

One of the benefits of this pandemic is that it has given the time and freedom to try new things. So last night I decided to look up a recipe for leftover lobster. I wanted it to be healthy , so I think I found just the right recipe with a few modifications of course. If you know me I like to improvise and not do a lot of measuring when cooking.

I added asiago cheese, a bit of leftover ham and roasted the corn on the cobb. I used a Panache dijon mustard for the dressing. I would suggest leaving out the salt as the bacon made it salty enough. It’s definitely a recipe I will make again, only next time I will use crab and come up with a creative dressing.

What kind of new things are you trying?

One thought on “Trying New Things Lobster Cobb Salad

  1. I really walk both sides of the fence on this one (trying new things): there’s a side of me that very comfortably wants to consistently, more deeply explore what superficially appears to be familiar, and an equally strong side that is attracted to the latest bright shiny bling that comes my way. Sometimes the two co-exist very nicely, as was the case with the Shaping EDU Learning(Hu)Man virtual summer camp last week ( The familiar side of it was exploring the possibilities of engagement through online interactions with cherished colleagues, particularly in a virtual-conference setting. The unfamiliar side of it was the knowledge that the ShapingEDU community is, ilke the #etmooc community, one where a commitment to creativity, innovation, and collaboration always produces unexpected opportunities and results. Happy to say that even with high expectations, I found this to be an experience that exceed expectations…as is the ongoing experience of exploring and responding to your wonderful set of reflections here on the blog.

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