Helpful Resource for Substitute Teachers

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As I am a retired School Counsellor, I get called to come in to cover for School Counsellors. For the past three years I have happily done so and I’m guessing this year will be no exception. This year will be much different though.

Last year I pivoted in and worked from home. Because of my ability to use technology and my collaborative kills with other school counsellors who newly pivoted in, it wasn’t such a difficult task for me, but for others I am guessing it was much more difficult.

There are so many things to know. I believe this form will be helpful for those who are substitute teaching in anyway. Please use and modify to your liking.share with others if you think it might be helpful.

In later posts i will share many resources that will help School Counsellors specifically.

One thought on “Helpful Resource for Substitute Teachers

  1. 1) Nice work on that form you provided. 2) Glad to see that you singlehandedly have redefined the word “retirement” to include provisions for those who are committed to remaining actively engaged in the world around them even in the position from which they formally retired. 3) Food for thought (and future blog posts): what did you pick up from #etmooc that is continuing to serve you in your role as a pandemic-era retired-counselor-not-at-all-retired?

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