Twitter Life

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

When I first joined twitter , it was such a lovely space. At least that’s the way I viewed it. People in my PLN were always willing to jump in and help. Connections were amazing. I felt I was able to reach out and my questions were answered. Twitter doesn’t always feel that way today. I still love the connections I have made and for the most part when I reach out eventually someone helps.

I do like is when someone reaches out to help like @oercommons did today when I asked a question of my PLN and they so readily jumped in to assist.

I love that you can connect with people from all over the world and people will collaborate on projects even when there is no money involved. They do it just to help.

Twitter is still my go to place especially for everything educational. My PLN is amazing and Twitter offers the best professional development ever. The resources I find on twitter are exceptional. I just wish we had a little of old twitter back when it seemed as if the world was just a bit closer and kinder.

One thought on “Twitter Life

  1. Yes, it does remain a place for unexpected, pleasant encounters. Was delighted, around the time you were posting this, to find myself back in touch with a few of our #etmooc colleagues–particularly one who was responding, via Twitter, to the tweetstorm I was brewing from the week-long ShapingEDU Learning(Hu)Man virtual summer camp. If not for #etmooc, an entire community of us would not have met initially and certainly would not still be sharing some of those wonderful moments you mention in your latest post. When I listen to others complain about Twitter and other social media platforms, I am reminded, once again, that those platforms are what we make of them–and only as good as we make them by putting them to the best use possible while setting aside the sludge that some try to dump into them.

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