Today Was One Of Those Days

Is there anything better than a beautiful summer day on a beach? Well the beach for me is peaceful especially in self isolation when it is 2 minutes away. How grateful am I to pack my beach bag and walk downstairs and enjoy the day. Today was one of those days that I will look back on in the dead of winter and be grateful that it was one of those days that I can visualize and remember that no matter what is happening in the world, at this moment all was and is glorious.

Learn Something New Every Day You Can

The things you learn on twitter are unending and so helpful if you want to make things a little better for your website ,twitter feed or useful for what you want to create for your use in schools.

Today I learned how to make an animated gif in google slides. I learned how to do this from @nadinegilkison on twitter. She is amazing and oh so helpful in learning to create. If you don’t follow her you should.

Step 1 Make an emoji with the app emoji me. Save to your desktop by emailing to yourself.

Step 2: Make a copy of this banner using google slides

Step 3: Add your emoji in by right clicking and replace pic.

Step 3 Change your background to whatever you like

Step 4: Copy and paste your first slide and add a letter each time typing what you’d like to say

Step 5 : Once completed go to and sign in with google

Step 6: Watch the tutorial and then make an animated gif

Step 7: Post gif to twitter and save to your desktop.

Hope this mini tutorial helps you to create something fun and if you learn something new please share with me.

Trying New Things Lobster Cobb Salad

One of the benefits of this pandemic is that it has given the time and freedom to try new things. So last night I decided to look up a recipe for leftover lobster. I wanted it to be healthy , so I think I found just the right recipe with a few modifications of course. If you know me I like to improvise and not do a lot of measuring when cooking.

I added asiago cheese, a bit of leftover ham and roasted the corn on the cobb. I used a Panache dijon mustard for the dressing. I would suggest leaving out the salt as the bacon made it salty enough. It’s definitely a recipe I will make again, only next time I will use crab and come up with a creative dressing.

What kind of new things are you trying?

They Don’t Come Any Better

Today is my mother in laws 91st birthday and I could not imagine having a better mother in law than her.

She is the kind of woman I wish to be when I grow up. So loving with a positive attitude and a heart as big as you can imagine. Throughout the years she has treated me with love and a whole lot of respect and kindness.

Being an educator when I would come home in the summers she would always give me a break, looking after our children’s every need . Reading to them, baking with them , playing games with them and loving them so fully. Every Christmas she would mail us a baking package, a box so full of Christmas yummies that I did not have to bake for months.

I have never ever seen my mother in law in a bad mood, ever. She brightens up the days of everyone who surrounds her. I love that when someone has a birthday she calls them and plays happy birthday on the violin. I can’t imagine a better grandmother for our children. They absolutely adore her. She has given them so much love and attention over the years ,she will be in their hearts forever. I am so grateful for all she is and all she has given to me over the years.

There are so many ways my mother in law has given to others. The list is a long, long one for sure. At 91 she is still spry, mobile , happy and positive. Truly they don’t come any better.

My Positivity Bubble

Photo by Matthew Fournier on Unsplash

It isn’t easy to let go of all the noise around us , noise from the news, from Twitter , Facebook or just the noise of negativity that can surround us if we let it. I choose to stay in my positivity bubble as often as I can . It’s my safe place where I drown out the noise. For me it works. I like my positivity bubble . What about you?

Play … Wherever You Are

It’s a dreary day in the Maritimes today, but I decided to paint,play and post.

Design by @sspellmancann

I love everything about the maritimes , so I am often inspired to design maritime swag. Today I played painted and created new designs. I hope you are inspired to create and play too. It’s ok to play even as an adult. Now that I am retired I get to play in so many ways. It’s the kind of freedom I love having,

I am working on finishing a book called Nova Scotia Hugs in which all paintings /pics will be done by me. I’ve always wanted to do this ,but was never able to do all the painting until now.

So go ahead and play away. I think I’ll have a summer of doing just that.

Everyone Needs That Kind of Friend


Everyone needs a friend that will call and say”get dressed we are going on an adventure”

Many of us have felt stuck in our homes the last while, so I suggest get a friend and explore your own city, province, state or country if you are allowed (making sure you are following health regulations) during Covid19. I am very fortunate to have friends that I can be spontaneous with. I love deciding to see or do something new at a moments notice. A few years back a friend of mine and I had such a fabulous time . We bought new clothes, new hats, borrowed her mother’s convertible, and went on a road trip to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Oh what fun we had with such great memories to look back upon. I smile from ear to ear and remember the joy it brought us both as I think about that time. So get out there with friends and make memories. Everyone needs that kind of friend.

Live Each Day

Every now and then I can get off track and do not celebrate each day. I think most of us know how precious life is , but sometimes we take it for granted. I have experienced too many losses in my life not to be fully cognizant of the value of each day. Each day I am reminded of the people in my life that have struggles and life may be cut short for them due to medical concerns.

Today, I embraced life fully. I appreciated all the moments of this beautiful day. I did not think of the sorrows, but of the joys of living and I need to remind myself to do this as often as possible. There are some I know who look at life as if they are dying instead of truly living. I want to always truly live each day no matter what life places in front of me.

Painting For Pleasure


I just started painting in the last eight years and I have to say it brings me so much joy. I love to play all day just exploring texture and color. Painting brings me flow like no other experience. Especially during this time I love to escape and paint as much as possible.

You can also find me on redbubble in my shop. A few years back my son told me to join and I thought if he thinks it’s cool it must be and so I did. I have donated hundreds of pieces of my art , because I believe in giving back and the truth be told I just had too much art. I got on a violin painting kick during covid19. I love everything about the violin, the way it looks, the way it sounds and especially the way it can be painted. It was an opportunity to donate some to those who love the violin as much as I do.

I hope you too find something during this time that can bring you as much joy as painting brings me.