Summertime and The Living Is Easy

I am so fortunate to be living near the water during this time. It almost feels like there is no Covid except for all the visitors we usually have and don’t this year. Water is healing. I have been swimming and spending a lot of time outdoors. All good for my well being. I feel blessed. Summertime and the living is easy for sure. After many years of rushing and doing, today I am just being.Well sort of , I painted a picnic table in between swims.

One thought on “Summertime and The Living Is Easy

  1. “Water is healing” captures so much here, and reminds me of how much of my own life has been spent near water–rivers in California’s San Joaquin Valley; Tokyo Bay while I was living/teaching in Japan; and San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Spending time walking along rivers and beaches while traveling always helps center me for the work I’m doing, and the image you posted her makes me want to be there with you.

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