Time Out To Play

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Playing is what we should all do more often. It gives me great pleasure to see my daughter play scrabble with her grandmother who is medically fragile in so many ways. This is a precious time as one never knows what is around the corner.

For today, I get to enjoy seeing them interact in such a positive way creating memories that we can all look back on with much pleasure. She is extremely good with both her grandmothers. Showing love and patience and helping them out as much as possible. It gives me great hope for how she will be with me one day .

So play away , play with friends, family and those that may need it most. Just take time out to play in whatever way works for you.

2 thoughts on “Time Out To Play

  1. A long-time friend maintains–correctly, I believe–that we make the mistake of thinking that work and play are and should be separate endeavors. The playfulness that runs through the work of those I admire–including you, by the way–and the intermingllng of work with our moments of play produce results beyond anything I suspect we would see if we were to insist on keeping the two separate. P.S. — Ready for another game of Scrabble?

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