Moments That Matter

Sometimes life changes from one moment to the next,that’s why it is so important to capture the moments and seize the day. I like getting up early and going to bed fairly early. That way I can catch the sunrise and the beautiful sunsets. Last night I captured this photo out on a kayak ride on the river, but it was just a moment in time until the sun went down.

This morning I caught the sunrise and took time to just breathe in the calm. Life especially during the pandemic is precarious , so when the moments come pay attention and enjoy them. I know I will.

One thought on “Moments That Matter

  1. Fantastic reminder of the short-, medium-, and long-term cycles of life we encounter: that every sunset is (generally) followed by a new sunrise; that each week, month, and year is followed by another for however long we are lucky enough to be here; and, by extention, that those days, weeks, months, and years are, to some extent, built upon whatever foundations we create within the time we have together. Thanks, Susan.

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