Spending time with friends is always my favourite thing to do. Tonight we got to spend time with our lifelong friends as they celebrated 35 years together. It was a beautiful evening walking along the Sydney waterfront. Anytime we get to see friends it’s almost as if Covid does not exist at least for a few moments in time.

One thought on “Friends

  1. Now there’s a rich topic: spending time with friends in pandemic times! Have to admit that I’ve found plenty of richly-rewarding opportunities to pivot a bit in terms of my approach to spending times with friends, and some of the paths I have followed have been tremendously satisfying…to the point that I’ve been trying to document the effort–often within the context of training-teaching-learning–through a continuing series of posts: I’ve also found that our exchanges here are proving to be an interesting experment in keeping up with a friend/cherished colleague virtually. Not looking for a replacement for “face to face” contact here; more interested in continuing to explore what “face to face” really means in our (somewhat) connected onsite-online world, so your posts that are inspiring these exchanges are deeply appreciated and wonderfully inspirational.

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