Creative Templates for School Counsellors

Photo by Jesus Kiteque on Unsplash

Templates are a great visual for creating back to school Comprehensive School Counselling Plans or doing amazing presentations for students. Slidesmania offers over 200 slides and powerpoints to choose from. Pick ones that work best for you. If you’d like more free templates that you can use click here.

Here are some other ways you can use the slides in your program:

  • Weekly planner for lessons. 
  • Monthly planner. There are many great digital planners to choose from.
  • To store your best resources in files.
  • Want to jot down some notes for resources you’d like to create, there are some cool notebooks to choose from.
  • You or your school may have a YouTube channel , you can use the YouTube template. 
  • Need some quick slides to do a presentation, there are so many great choices.
  • See my idea for using this School Planner you can add your own emoji using emojime.
  • I also love the potential for using the binder slide. It is fabulous.
  • For an artistic presentation look no further. You can find a hopscotch and comic template. 
  • For your classic teacher chalkboard you can find that too.

Most importantly have fun and create while using something that is useful for your program this year. In case you need more tips, click on the how to link at the top of the website. Slidesmania can make your back to school a little more creative and save you some precious time as well.

Have some creative templates that you have designed? Please feel free to share.

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