Calm Before The Storm

Photo by Pits Riccardo on

There is definitely a calm before the storm here in Cape Breton as we await Hurricane Teddy although it will most likely mean high winds and little damage more of a tropical storm, not a hurricane. I remember Hurricane Dorion last year and i have never heard such eerie sounds as the winds blew over our cottage. We certainly lost power ,a little restless night but no damage. It sure made me empathetic to those that have been through a damaging hurricane and the worry it brings as you are never really sure how it will impact you.

Mother nature is so interesting as the calm sometimes comes before the storm as it has done today. It is a reminder to me that I need to remain calm no matter what the storm brings. Worrying about what might happen won’t change what does. Being prepared as best possible is the smart thing to do.

I feel a little less concerned than I did last year as it is expected to be mostly heavy rain and intense winds this year. I do have my storm chips and as Frankie Macdonald says , Be Prepared and I am.

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