This was a sign on a walk with a dear friend of mine and it rings so true. I want to live fully every moment I can especially during this pandemic.

Living fully means different things to different people. For me I try to make as many moments of my life count that I can. It also means sometimes I just veg in front of Netflix escaping into another world for a period of time.

Whatever you choose to do each day make sure it is living as fully as you possibly can spending time with those you care about any way you can.

Youth Rejuvenate Me

My colleague Helen and I have been working with youth for many years and this year is no exception. Tonight we gave two online workshops after working all day with youth in a school, I am so grateful to surround myself with the enthusiasm and energy of youth. They think we are helping them,but they rejuvenate me.

Not Today Covid

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With schools about to go online Monday and many changes about to occur because of the rising cases of Covid in Calgary; it’s extremely important to follow all guidelines .

Todays stats

21,053 Confirmed cases 5,028 Active cases15,837 Recovered cases121 in hospital20 in intensive care 188

It’s also important to take care of your own well being, so just for today I will say NOT TODAY Covid I will not give you my piece of mind.

Welcome To My Virtual Counselling Office

As I begin my year virtually , I look forward to working with students and staff. I have wanted to contribute in a positive way in this pandemic, so as I navigate around what I think will be most helpful, I hope you too will contribute ideas and resources that will help others.

Click here to see my virtual introduction and a few other resources.

It Is Always A Good Day

It is always a good day to get outside for a walk. Today I walked about five hours breathing in the fresh air letting the sunny Alberta skies shine upon my face. When you can get outdoors do so. It’s good for your mental and physical health. It’s always a good day when you make the effort to get outside especially gratifying when you are in a pandemic .