Happiness Is …

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When your children are happy, it brings joy like none other. My daughter told me this week she is the happiest she has ever been in her life. How great is that in a pandemic! There are no words to describe what pleasure that brings to me. If she can feel this way now she has the skills to cope with whatever life brings.The path to happiness can be a windy road and full of ups and downs and bumps. knowing she has achieved this in this moment brings me great happiness.

Oh Happy Day

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As a Canadian and a woman I could not be more excited today to celebrate the restoration of dignity and humanity back to the White House. It brings great hope to our US neighbours and to me that children will not have to hear what they have been hearing coming out of the mouth of the leader of the free world for the past four years. It also brings me great joy to know that Kamala Harris will also be represented in changing the course of history for all young women.

I am also very hopeful teachers and as a result young people in the US will have a better four years ahead of them.

As a Canadian today I am jumping for joy. Oh happy day indeed.

Thinking of New Ideas

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Career Planning Ideas online. School Counsellors are thinking of ideas to run virtual fairs. Thanks to @counselor webb for some great ideas that can be adapted to older students.

Maintaining A Positive Mindset

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It isn’t always easy to maintain a positive mindset, but it is vital when connecting with youth . They pick up on our emotions. We set the tone for them, so what we bring to the room in the way of our mindset affects the room. So before you enter the room have a little chat with yourself, breathe deeply and bring your passion for what you do into every interaction. At the end of the day you will be happy you did.

Halloween A Special Time

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I met my hubby thirty seven years ago at a Halloween Party. I was a rainbow and I’m not sure what he was, although he was carrying around a duck. How lucky was I to have met such a great man on such a fun night.

My husband enjoys Halloween and getting ready ready for the kids is something he loves to do. He has always made it special for our own kids and others. This year was no exception.

It Isn’t Easy

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What do you say when someone is in pain ? It isn’t easy I know.

Listening exists in a place beyond language. So listen well. It isn’t easy to help people in pain, but keep it simple and truly be present so that they will be able to share with you and release their pain.

Be supportive and demonstrate that they have your attention and are being heard.

Be patient , keep an open heart and mind. Let them know that you will be there for them. Find out what they need and act upon those things.

Find out if they wish to talk by engaging them in a conversation. If they don’t you will figure that out pretty quickly. Time may be needed , so respect where they are at and act accordingly.

Don’t avoid people in pain. It is a time they need you more than ever. If they cry , let them cry . Tears can be very healing. Just be there.

It isn’t easy being present to people in pain, but it is a gift to help them during their time of need.