Affirmations For Teens

Affirmations help teens to reframe their thoughts into more positive ones. They are uplifting, affirming and with repetition can stick in teens minds. What we say to our mind matters. Having teens repeat affirmations long enough can help start to believe the words.

I like to have students write them on their mirrors and or write an affirmation and put it in their phone or in their wallet. Whichever place they know they will look at often makes the most sense.

If we want teens to be kind to their mind using affirmations is one way that could help.

20 Positive Affirmations for Teens

I am enough

I matter

I believe I can

I can cope with difficult times

I will live each day fully to the best of my ability

I am strong

I am courageous

I will trust my feelings

I accept myself for who I am

I will have hope that all will turn out ok

I am brave

I believe it is ok to not be ok

I will reach out for supports when I need them

I will speak to myself kindly

I will love and accept my body

I have a purpose for being in this world

I will not give up

I will say no when I need to

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