Empathy For Teachers

Photo by Hello I’m Nik 🎞 on Unsplash

As I think about all the teachers across the world , I recognize how tired they must be, but I admire their dedication so much. I know those not in education have NO idea of the tireless work you do and how especially difficult it is in a pandemic.

Our children are so fortunate. I wish the world really understood, they’d be more empathetic and grateful.

My American Colleagues

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I am so grateful to all my American colleagues who I can count on to help me at anytime. This year as I start part time in an online High School half time , I will be collaborating with my American colleagues who are also counselling virtually. Thanks to Cynthia Morton @c_morton and Sam Hill @zillysam for connecting with me and setting up an ongoing connection with my colleagues. We will stay connected this year as we navigate the virtual world of School Counselling together. I am grateful for you and all in #scchat who share freely. Together we are better.

Educators Care

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Having spent the last month in a junior high / high school, I saw first hand just how much educators care during a pandemic. They were working harder than ever to do what is best for kids.

I feel fortunate to have worked alongside so many who give their heart and soul to do what they are meant to do TEACH. Even though they are putting themselves at risk, they come in the building with a positive attitude and make sure they provide a culture of caring. How fortunate are our youth that so many truly care.

Happiness Is …

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When your children are happy, it brings joy like none other. My daughter told me this week she is the happiest she has ever been in her life. How great is that in a pandemic! There are no words to describe what pleasure that brings to me. If she can feel this way now she has the skills to cope with whatever life brings.The path to happiness can be a windy road and full of ups and downs and bumps. knowing she has achieved this in this moment brings me great happiness.