Some Days

Some days life just passes by and before you know it , I’m too tired to write . It’s much easier to fit in exercise than to write daily. There have been days when I missed writing because I fell asleep. I am going to forgive myself because I am living through a pandemic. Life is different and so am I. It’s so hard to let go of not fulfilling my promise to myself to write each day for one year. I have fallen short , but I will let go of my inability to be 100%.

if I am able to write most every day then that is good enough. If I miss a few days this year of living differently in a pandemic then so be it !

Traditions That Matter

Photo by Olesia Buyar on Unsplash

My friend Kent reminded me of all the traditions that we have at Christmas time that will have to wait until next year to celebrate.

We usually start the season with a gift exchange and dinner at Leena and Roger’s with a lovely tourtiere dinner. I usually bring my art as a gift and we play the stealing game of presents. There is no lack of laughter in the room.

Kent has taken our children along with Darlene and Leonard’s children to see Christmas Carol for over the past 20 years and they have never tired of going or this lovely tradition.

Kent usually holds a pre Christmas roast beef dinner with enough food to last the next 10 meals.

I have hosted Christmas eve at my home for over 30 years and I must say it saddens me as I write this to say we won’t be doing that this year. I love that all of our friends have continued to come and bring their now grown children and significant others. The grown kids have always played games and often we join in or tell stories around the table while eating our now tradition spiral ham Christmas eve dinner.

Christmas morning was a time I had my neighbours over for breakfast. I love my neighbours.

Christmas day we rotate who holds the dinner. At Paul and Shelley’s or somewhere we are that year we take family pics. We all have been friends for 35 plus years and none of us have had our family here (parents, siblings etc.) so we consider each other family. Christmas time we eat too much , laugh too much , play games and tell stories around beautifully decorated tables. More importantly we love being together, we love each others company we are family. there have been some years where family and friends have come out to visit and join us at our tables of joy.

New years eve we also spend together. Often ordering in from Leena’s Italian , playing games and celebrating life. There is never a time we have run out of laughter or conversation.

New years day we all come together again, rotating whose turn it is , but celebrating again with another turkey dinner. Each bringing our special dish and loving every moment we have together.

Christmas season will be different this year , but I’m thinking we have to come up with a new tradition, maybe all chipping in to help a family have a better holiday season as we have had the blessings of so many..

10 Tips For Living

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  1. Live life just for today in a meaningful way.

2. Let go.

3. If you are in doubt DON’T.

4. You are not your thoughts.

5. Control your thoughts before they control you.

6. Gratitude is the attitude that helps us take personal responsibility for improving our lives.

7. Do a small good deed as much as possible.

8. See problems as challenges that with help can be overcome

9. Surround yourself with those that lift you up not tear you down (even from a distance).

10. Choose HOPE