Welcome To My Virtual Counselling Office

As I begin my year virtually , I look forward to working with students and staff. I have wanted to contribute in a positive way in this pandemic, so as I navigate around what I think will be most helpful, I hope you too will contribute ideas and resources that will help others.

Click here to see my virtual introduction and a few other resources.

School Counsel(l)ors from Across the World

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Educators need School Counsel(l)ors now more than ever as they navigate this pandemic and the impact on youth. Explore the School Counsel(l)ors from Across the World Group and discover how to utilize the tools for collaboration and resource sharing online. Please consider contributing at least one resource to this open educational resource.

Empathy For Teachers

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As I think about all the teachers across the world , I recognize how tired they must be, but I admire their dedication so much. I know those not in education have NO idea of the tireless work you do and how especially difficult it is in a pandemic.

Our children are so fortunate. I wish the world really understood, they’d be more empathetic and grateful.

My American Colleagues

Photo by Michau0142 Ludwiczak on Pexels.com

I am so grateful to all my American colleagues who I can count on to help me at anytime. This year as I start part time in an online High School half time , I will be collaborating with my American colleagues who are also counselling virtually. Thanks to Cynthia Morton @c_morton and Sam Hill @zillysam for connecting with me and setting up an ongoing connection with my colleagues. We will stay connected this year as we navigate the virtual world of School Counselling together. I am grateful for you and all in #scchat who share freely. Together we are better.