Resources, Resources, Resources: Just For You

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As a School Counsellor I know you like resources , so please feel free to utilize any of the resources below, share with your colleagues and if you have some to add please share your resources with me.


Introduction  Can be used during virtual times to let students and parents know a bit about you. 

Anxiety: Click here.


  • Online Counselling Article : Click here 
  • ReigningIt article  Creating #Stem dialogue Inclusive of every woman: Click here 
  • The Path To Higher Ed #73 : Click here .  Podcast episode Click here.

A bursary for a future educator . You can contribute to the Mario Couros Bursary: Click here.

Counsellor Talk A Series of Videos for Elementary Students: Click here.

Counsellor Talk for Teens: Click here.

CBT for School Counsellors: Click here.

Child Trauma and Aces: Click here.

Depression: Click here.

Empathy: Click here.

Growth Mindset Resources: Click here.

Haiku Decks for School Counsellors : Click here.

Lessons For A New School Counsellor : Click here.

here  and  here .

Livebinder Resources for the School Counsellor : Click here.

Mental Health Literacy : Click here.

Personal Wellness Resources :  Click here

Pinterest site Resources for School Counsellors : Click here.

Positive Wheels: Click here.

Put A Positive Spin On Your Day : Click here.

Race and equity resources. Click here.

Relational Aggression: Click here.

School Counsellor PD: Click here

School Counsellors in Alberta : Click here

School Counsellors around the world #SCCHAT :  Click here 

School Counselling on Flipboard: Click here.

School Counsellor Talk Weekly PaperLi : Click here 

Self regulation: Click here.

Supporting student wellness Trails : Click here.

Teen Mental Health : Click here. 

Technology Toolbox for School Counsellors : Click here .

Technology Tips and Tricks for School Counsellors : Click here .

Technology A Tool of Innovation : Click here.

Top School Counsellor Blogs 2018  : Click here.

Thanks to Cynthia Morton @c_morton for these worksheets for School Counsellors : Click here.

Virtual School Counseling Resources. Click here

Workplace Wellness: Click here.


Keep coming back as I update my resources and for more check out @sspellmancann on twitter.