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Please feel free to utilize any of the resources and please share your resources as well.


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  • The Path To Higher Ed #73 : Click here .  Podcast episode Click here.

A bursary for a future educator . You can contribute to the Mario Couros Bursary: Click here.

Child Trauma and Aces: Click here

Haiku Decks for School Counsellors : Click here

Lessons For A New School Counsellor : Click here 

here and  here .

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Personal Wellness Resources :  Click here

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Put A Positive Spin On Your Day : Click here.

School Counsellor PD: Click here

School Counsellors in Alberta : Click here

School Counsellors around the world #SCCHAT :  Click here 

School Counselling on Flipboard: Click here.

School Counsellor Talk Weekly PaperLi : Click here 

Teen Mental Health : Click here. 

Technology Toolbox for School Counsellors : Click here .

Technology Tips and Tricks for School Counsellors : Click here .

Technology A Tool of Innovation : Click here.

Top School Counsellor Blogs 2018  : Click here.

Thanks to Cynthia Morton @c_morton for these worksheets for School Counsellors : Click here