Art Tips for Teens

Art has a way of taking you away from all your troubles and worries , so today is just the right day to begin creating.

Art by @sspellmancann

Creating art can be very therapeutic. You can start simply by creating for 10 minutes a day, or once a week whatever works for you. I love that art allows me to express my emotions and no one else really knows what I am feeling. I create because it feels good in the moment. I let go of my fears of what others think and just do it. Below are a few tips to get you started. If you see any of my art online feel free to use it as inspiration to get you started.

Anything goes, so just start today being creative. Have so much fun. You can use any medium acrylic, watercolor, or oil paints whatever works for you is good enough. if that seems too daunting doodle or cut out pics from magazines and create.
Be like a child and create.
Create, don’t critique yourself.
Don’t give up … Don’t be afraid to try new things … play away.
Experiment with different papers and mediums.
Forget about your worries and create art instead.
Get your space ready to play.
Have a blast. 
Imagine all the great things you will create.
Just be yourself and create what makes you happy.
Kindness matters when you start out. Everyone can do art and we all get better with time.
Let go and let it flow.
Mistakes make marvelous art pieces.
Music brings out the creativity in you . Listen while you create.
Practice , Practice, Practice.
Quit saying you can’t … you can!
Relax and let the paint take you away.
Spend time in the moment.
Trust the process.
Understand it takes time to get to where you’d like to be so enjoy every moment.
Visualize what you’d like to create, then do it!
Watch lots of artists’ YouTube videos.
XO from me to you.
You’ve got this!
Zazzy that’s you and so will your art be.