Purpose and Passion

Some think purpose has to be a big thing , but I think it’s all the little things in life. What gives my life meaning today may be different than yesterday. For me I have been so fortunate to work with youth for over forty-three years and for me that gives me great satisfaction and indeed a purpose. But what happens when I stop working with youth?

I believe each day that I help others in some small way is my purpose. It could be helping a stranger , but it can also be doing something nice for those I love. Sometimes we take each of the people in our lives for granted, so maybe it’s time to focus more on them, finding ways to bring joy into their lives. It’s time to make a list of all those people and find purposeful ways to make their day.

I am passionate about so many things , so finding ways to use my creativity and love of life to fill the next chapter in my life with purpose should not be too difficult.

My life has been a series of ups and downs like most of us, so finding ways to lift others up and spread a little hope gives me a raison d’être. I hope you find your purpose today. as it affects our well-being in such a positive way.

Reason To Hold On Tight

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We all need a reason to be. Maybe your reason is obvious and maybe not. It could be just around the corner and you can’t see it quite yet. Each of us will discover our own reason in our own way in our own time, So hold on tight. You have a purpose in being here.


Each day I listen to the stories of a child

I listen with my whole heart

Some days are so complex, yet I am determined to find an opportunity to leave an indelible impression on youth

Only other School Counsellors truly understand what it is that I do

I am fulfilled knowing that one small word or action can make a difference in the life of a child

I am here to HELP

Passion and purpose is why I keep doing what I do

I am a School Counsellor and I could not feel more gratitude that I get to touch the life of a child each day of the school year