Walk Along With Me


I have a couple of important goals this year and I plan on making my learning visible. This is not the typical Counsellor Talk post I write , but it is an important one … taking care of me and I’m inviting you along on this journey. Today is Canada Day and what better day to start walking my way to a healthier me while sharing and learning along the way.

IMG_0026I am making a commitment to myself to walk every day for 30 minutes for the next 365 days. Walking has always allowed me to think more clearly and I know I always feel better when I do. It may sound easy to many of you , but I don’t always commit to exercising every single day without a break.   If I break it down into chunks 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes at some other time in the day I know I can meet my goal. It isn’t easy to do this alone ( I miss my walking partners)  so that is why I am inviting you on my journey.

If you wish to send an encouraging word or a video or a message to me along the way feel free to do so. I turn 60 this September so I know I need to take better care of myself.  Taking care of our physical health is always important , but even more so as we age.  I have always been very good at taking care of my brain , but at times have not taken as much care of my body as I know I need to. This is my open way of sharing my commitment to myself. No excuses! It’s too cold , I’m too busy … on and on ! 365 days starting today … I can do it!

Won’t you walk along with me #walkalongwithme  and tell me what you have learned along the way?

It may appear that It is easy for me to video myself. Let me tell you it is not! I am feeling quite vulnerable, but know this will help make me accountable and I know I am not alone on this journey.

Walk along with me the beginning videos from wakelet.

Walk along with me August posts from wakelet.

Walk along with me September posts from wakelet

Walk along with me October posts from wakelet.

Walk Along With Me January February wakelet

Walk Along With Me March from wakelete

Walk Along With me April from wakelet

Walk Along With Me June wakelet


I am so happy to say that I reached my goal. I walked every single day for at least one half hour and (most often more ) for a whole year! I even had a surprise visit to the emergency room and was operated on for an infection and I walked that day and the next and the next. Then I set a new goal. Stay tuned to see if I reach my goal.

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