Growing Up By The Sea

It gets harder and harder to leave a place I love, leaving behind so many friends and family for yet another year. Being near the water brings me such a sense of peace, except when there is an expected hurricane of course, but that doesn’t happen very often.

I loved growing up near the sea. I love being near, listening to the sounds of the water and just looking out and observing the ever changing Mira River. I am connected to the beauty and the people here and each year I need to let go and go west. The coming and the going like the flow of the ocean, is what I am meant to do.

As I head back west I look forward to that chapter as my family and friends there too. I am connected deeply to both places. Fortunately for me I had the joy of growing up near the sea and can keep coming back.

Maintaining connections with great friends although I moved so far away so long ago, has allowed me to feel like I belong.

Growing up near the sea will always be a part of me.


So Hard To Say Farewell to Nova Scotia

photo by Tanya Spellman

This is how I feel when in Nova Scotia. I have had a phenomenal summer here spending time with friends and family. Because there are no present cases of Covid and so few since I arrived in July, it has given me the kind of freedom that I am super grateful for. I have followed all the regulations and not done as much as I normally would do in the summer, but oh how happy have I been. I need to bottle this feeling up and take it with me when I leave. It will be harder than ever to say farewell to Nova Scotia.

Wishing You …

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As I prepare for tomorrow with the thought that there may be a little power failure in the next couple of days, I am preparing a couple of mini posts. I will scheduling them as I do not want to miss a day of posting no matter how small the post. I have committed to post everyday this year, so I will schedule posts for the next three days just in case. Wishing you all a little brightness in your days ahead.

Calm Before The Storm

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There is definitely a calm before the storm here in Cape Breton as we await Hurricane Teddy although it will most likely mean high winds and little damage more of a tropical storm, not a hurricane. I remember Hurricane Dorion last year and i have never heard such eerie sounds as the winds blew over our cottage. We certainly lost power ,a little restless night but no damage. It sure made me empathetic to those that have been through a damaging hurricane and the worry it brings as you are never really sure how it will impact you.

Mother nature is so interesting as the calm sometimes comes before the storm as it has done today. It is a reminder to me that I need to remain calm no matter what the storm brings. Worrying about what might happen won’t change what does. Being prepared as best possible is the smart thing to do.

I feel a little less concerned than I did last year as it is expected to be mostly heavy rain and intense winds this year. I do have my storm chips and as Frankie Macdonald says , Be Prepared and I am.

Making Memories in Public Gardens

When in Halifax a visit to the public gardens is a must. It was always one of my favourite places and my mom’s too, so I took her there today. We strolled along at a much slower pace, but got to enjoy the beauty that surrounded us.

Spending Quality Time With Mom

My mom is a trooper given all of her physical challenges, I am so grateful to have this time to spend with her as soon enough I will be thousands of miles away for another year..

Celebrate the Moments

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Today is my mom’s 81st birthday and I surprised her with a visit.Last year we got to celebrate her 80th with a big splash. It’s important to celebrate life everyday, but especially important to acknowledge all the special days. Today I got to spend time with my family. I live 4,836 km away and have for the past forty years. I come home every summer and already got to spend time with my mom , but I am still 397 km away. So today I drove to see my mom for her birthday.

Don’t forget the birthdays, the anniversaries the special occasions, but especially remember to surprise people every now and then with your presence , a gift ,a letter a note or something that will make someone’s day. It’s always been important, but especially now. Celebrate the moments , but more important celebrate the people.

Art is Therapeutic

Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life

Pablo Picasso

I love painting. In the last while I have grown to love working with inks and alcohol. I love the vibrancy of the colours and the way I feel when I splash away and see what happens.

What joy it brings me to be in the state of flow on a regular basis. I wish that for you too. We could all use a little therapeutic bath right now. Try doing a little art and see what happens.