My name is Susan Spellman Cann. I am a Registered Psychologist whose passion is in School Counselling.  I have been in Education since 1980 and am fortunate to have loved my career path.

I want to collaborate and share with School Counsellors  and others in the field of counselling worldwide.  Our students need School Counsellors and counsellors  who care like you do. I believe School Counsellors can and do save lives . Helping young people to reach their potential is a gift School Counsellors give away every day. Thank you for making a difference.

Want to join others around the world who care about counselling as much as you do?  I am a co-moderator of an International School Counselling chat called  #SCCHAT co- founded by Dr. Erin Mason.  Along with some amazing co-modertors we chat on the first Wednesday of the month 6:30 p.m. MST 8:30 ET  from Sept.- June  For more information on the chat check here: School Counsellors Collaborating As Leaders Worldwide.  You can find out more about me by clicking here. You can follow me on twitter @sspellmancann

I am honoured that you would  check out my blog.

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