Art is Therapeutic

Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life

Pablo Picasso

I love painting. In the last while I have grown to love working with inks and alcohol. I love the vibrancy of the colours and the way I feel when I splash away and see what happens.

What joy it brings me to be in the state of flow on a regular basis. I wish that for you too. We could all use a little therapeutic bath right now. Try doing a little art and see what happens.


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Fall is such a magical time. It’s a time of change. It’s a time to start fresh with each new day. Time to take a walk in the leaves and throw them in the air just for fun. I love fall. It is my favourite season next to summer, but for beauty fall wins. What are you going to do this fall? Make it a time to get outside and see, feel, smell and listen to the sounds of fall.

Take Time For You

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With work, children, and daily responsibilities it’s not always easy to make time in the day just for you. For many of you, you may put yourself last, but this needs to change today if this is your life.

I know when my kids were younger this was often me, but I loved getting up early when it was just me alone that was awake. I still do. Stealing time in those precious moments is essential for well being.

Moments that matter. There are so many moments that we can choose to take or not. What we do with the time we have will be healing or not. It is up to us. So go ahead make time for you today.

Lesson 5 for a New School Counsellor : The 3 R’s

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The 3 R’s

Relationships are fundamental to what you do. You need to work at creating them in your school. Your principal, administrators and teachers are often the ones who refer students, so create positive relationships with them often. Find ways to connect whether through sending positive uplifting emails or sitting in the lunchroom talking about life NOT students. Connect with students in as many ways as possible. Running groups, promoting a fun positive wellness day, stopping to chat or smiling at a student for no particular reason; find what works for you in your school. Relationships with community organizations, parents, and anyone who is connected with students or needs to be connected to students is essential.

Read often. Read the most updated research on counselling issues. Read articles, blogs or journal articles on School Counselling. Read for pleasure, but just continually read.

Resources are essential. Stop reinventing the wheel. There are so many great resources out there for you. I have collated a few that might be helpful. Twitter is an amazing place to get ideas and find resources. So check out #scchat on a regular basis.

School Counsellors Are There To Help

School Counsellors are trained professionals who understand child development, often with Masters degrees in Counselling or more, who partake in ongoing professional development and extensive mental health training . They know school culture and how the education system works, making them readily able to help youth in an effective manner.

Often the first place students present any concerns are in schools because that is where they spend so much time. The educators get to know students well building trusting relationships. School Counsellors have the whole child in mind with access to a comprehensive background regarding the students history in school, so are often able to make decisions collaboratively in the best interest of students.

If you are a new teacher and have never accessed your School Counsellor , please do so. They are there to help you help the student. When all work together to help our youth it is more likely to make a difference in the life of a child. Now more than ever we must do all we can together to help.

Look for the Little Things


Most days on my walk I travel the same path. Even though I am going the same way I always look for something different and if I keep my eyes wide open I find them. This was out on my deck today and it almost doesn’t look real. It’s so cute, a little caterpillar that turns into a beautiful eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly.

It doesn’t take much these days to entertain me. It’s a slow pace of life where I am and I know I’ll be back to the city soon enough. For today I will take pleasure in the small things you might want to look for them too.