A Reconnection

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If you would have walked along with me this week, you would have seen many things. Life is a series of ups and downs and zig zags. I’ve said many times one never knows what is around the corner and it is so true.

One of the blessings of my week was spending time in spiritual reflection, something I haven’t done in a long time. Deep reflection almost like the retreats I have attended in days gone by, but this time I was physically distanced from the participants and it was at the school I am presently working in.

It felt healing to think and reflect and question. I plan on making a little space in my days to be still and let God in. What better time to do that than in a pandemic.

I have always had great faith , but as of late I have let the connection I have had slip away. Today and yesterday I felt that presence in my life. A lovely warm feeling knowing I am loved and can share that love with others by my actions.

It is a reconnection that will give me a dose of love that is different from all the other love in my life. For that I am grateful.

There Is A Place In My Heart

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As I grow and change, I recognize that there will always be room in my heart for love. I have been fortunate throughout the years to fill up my heart with family, friends and youth I have worked with.

Today as I reflect I recognize that I need to keep a space for love and that part of that space is the faith I have and the room for growth in that space.

I am open to all the love that will enter and transform me.There is a place in my heart now and forever.

Co- Moderators 2020 #scchat

I want to take this time to thank all the co-moderators of #sschat for the time and effort they put into planning, and running #scchat each and every month. These are already busy people who give to others because they are passionate about what they do.

You do make a difference.

Susan Spellman Cann @sspellmancann
Erin Luong @ehoryskiluong
Kelly Wright @KellyWright68
Rawn Boulden; @RawnBoulden
Dr.Chris Schimmel; @doc_schimmel 
Nicohl Webb @CounselorWebb
Jim Deeken @jdeek
Angela Cleveland @AngCleveland
Laura Rankhorn @LauraRankhorn
Kim Crumbly @KRCrumbley
Paulette Donnellon @sdpaulette
Laura Zaharakis @lbjzaharakis
Susan Fuller @EElementarySC
Joseph Batiano @MrBatianoRI
Erin Mason @ecmmason
Jennifer Correnti @jcorrenti10

Angela Avery @MrsAveryBMS 
Daya Patton @dayapayton
Erin Bundrige @counselor_erin 
Tonya Romine @trominetonya
Andrea Donegan @dreadonegan

Missy Smith @counselingsmith

Take Time

photo by @sspellmancann

I need to take time to smell the flowers as life is on fast forward for me at this time. Taking time to pause helps me focus on today and what I can do. I don’t need any reminders, but life really can change direction at any moment. We never know what is around the corner. So just for today , I will focus on taking each step I need to. Making sure to take time to stop, reflect and move forward.

Thanks To A Teacher

There are so many teachers that need to be thanked for all the amazing things they have done.

The video below is one example of the many who have made a difference.

Take Time To Help Others

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It’s always a good day to find a way to help someone else. Think of ways everyday that you can do something for the betterment of humanity.

Being kind is good for your mind, so take time today to help others and in so doing your well being will benefit..

Personal Training

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This year I decided I wanted to get stronger with weight training. I know as I get older this is more important than ever, so today I had my first training session and it felt great.

This is new for me, but as I contemplated what I needed , I knew taking the time for myself in this manner would be beneficial. As I journey through this process I hope to learn new skills that I have never had before and already I can see this will be a new venture that will be worthwhile.

Good Things Happen

My neighbours have made where I live a great neighbourhood to live in. They truly make this world a better place. Good things happen here and I am so grateful. Thanks for being so phenomenal.