Celebrating School Counselor Angela Avery


                               Be the change you wish to see in the world  Ghandi

Angela is a School Counselor in Biddleford , Maine who graduated from the University of Maine.  Did you know that she loves chocolate, the ocean and taking pictures? She wants students to know that they are ok being who they are. “I accept and celebrate you- gay, transgender, black or brown or white, from a tough family, from another country, using substances, failing classes, skipping or making mistakes. I won’t judge, I’ll help. I’m here for you, I will always accept you, listen and be there. It gets better, I promise.”

She wants other School Counselors to speak up, write, share pictures, follow and connect. Share what’s in your heart, what makes your job special, what may help others feel less alone. Speak your truth, share your ideas, listen and empathize. Don’t settle. Trust your gut. But please, speak… don’t be still, don’t be silent. We need more kind yet honest, sincere yet straightforward change makers in this world, in our communities, in every school, for our children. Lead in your own way, but speak up. You are worth listening to. Using your voice for good is the only way to lead our youth, to shine a light for them to follow so they may also lead. You can find Angela in #scchat and on Twitter @mrsaverybms .

Tonight she will co-lead a chat Promoting Positivity and Self-Esteem in Youth in a World of Bullies, Social Media and Constant Criticism.  You can join her and @counselorpowers at 6:30 MT 8:30 ET on Twitter using the #scchat hashtag. Join her.

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