Sometimes Goals Have To Be Altered

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If you have been reading my blog I want to thank you and yes, especially you Paul. I’ve decided to take a break. I committed to writing every day for a year and I have been writing most every day since July 1st , but I have decided I will alter my goal.

I have lots of goals not just this one and I took on two jobs in this pandemic, which I am very happy to do. It gives me purpose in this pandemic. However, I don’t feel I need to write every day. Exercise is one of my top priorities. Self care is also important so I have given myself permission to NOT write every day. This is not easy for me . Pat of it feels like I have not committed to my goals, but I also know it is OK to alter goals when it is in your best interest to do so.

I need some downtime , not feeling like I have to write when I have little to say. Again thanks to those of you who come back often. I will continue to blog just not as often.

As I take some downtime in the holiday season, I will have time to reflect and maybe the next time I write it will be more meaningful.

Take care of yourself. I know I plan to, sometimes goals need to be altered to make room for things you need. Virtual hugs.

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